Summerley Private Estate is home to 350 families. Built mainly in the 1920s and 1930s the houses are substantial and of individual design. The estate itself is run by LE Walwin & Partners Ltd (LEWP) who own the roads and common areas and control the covenants to which home owners are subject. The Summerley Private Estate Residents’ Association (SPERA) maintains the roads under an agreement with LEWP and collects annual maintenance fees for this purpose.

Each house is subject to various covenants, one of which is to contribute to the cost of Road maintenance. SPERA was formed in 1994 to expedite the maintenance of the Roads. SPERA. and LEWP signed an agreement giving SPERA authority to carry out maintenance works and to collect residents’ contributions to their costs. The annual membership fee is set at the AGM in April or May and covers (mainly) the cost of Road maintenance and (a small element of) Residents’ Association costs such as the cost of a summer gateman. While residents are not obliged to join SPERA they are obliged to pay maintenance costs and SPERA charges an administration fee to non-members which, in practice, makes membership the cheaper option. These arrangements and authorities have been tested in the courts and in practice 100% of residents are members of SPERA.

Please note that along with the covenants on the households there are also restrictions on beach access and ramps pertaining to exclusions of motor craft (including jet skis) which can not be launched from the Summerley Estate.