Dear Summerley Estate Residents, 
We're now in a position to provide an update and confirm the arrangements to start the 'Parking Scheme' on the estate. 
As mentioned previously, this proposal will have minimal impact to the majority of Estate residents & here are the high-level benefits and points relating to the scheme: 1. There are limited pavements on the Estate and this will prevent pedestrians from having to walk out into the road, providing more safety.  2. Preventing obstruction for emergency vehicles & refuse collection on narrow roads. 3. The general appearance of the Estate will improve.  4. There will be less of a hazard at night, when light levels are low. 5. It will prevent unwanted non-residents from parking on the Estate. 6. It assists in supporting the covenants of the Estate. 
You'll find the following attached as well as full details on the website: - 2 x SPERA car badges - Terms & Conditions for use of the car badges and visitor notices - 3 x Visitor Notices - SPERA Parking Policy.   
Please take a look at the parking policy & other documentation attached. If you have concerns regarding the PCN process, if you need further information or if you need more badges/permits for your household please contact
This letter will be delivered to all residents by Monday 19th June. At which point, please have your car badge shown in your car front windscreen whilst on the Estate roads (including leaving or coming into the Estate) as this will ensure the gateman can see them at a glance & will welcome you in quickly. 
To ensure all residents have time to request additional badges or visitor notices or to apply for specific permits, as well as get the resident badge in their car, the parking scheme will start on Wednesday 12th July 2017. You will also see the gatekeeper at the entrance every weekend through the summer period. 
We appreciate your continued support of the Summerley Estate community. 
Many thanks,  The SPERA Committee