Parking - FAQ

Summerley Estate Parking FAQ

For any parking related questions please email

Q: What if I have unexpected guests?

A: Initially please ensure visitors park on your property.  If this isn’t possible please ensure a ‘SPERA permit’ is placed visibly in the car, other than that your unexpected guests need not worry. We want the Estate to remain a pleasant place for everyone and it’s the unauthorised parking on the roads which we are seeking to clamp down on. The scheme ensures unexpected or occasional parking on the Estate Roads will not be penalised.

Q: Will this scheme deter members of the public from parking on our estate?

A: Yes, the parking charge notices will ensure they are aware of the parking restrictions. If we do not accept the scheme then members of the public will continue to park on the Estate as they do now. The Estate will continue to have very little power to prevent this.

Q: Does this affect someone on the committee?

A: Like any other resident on the estate we are all affected by inconsiderate residents & non-residents parking.

Q: Does anyone on the committee benefit from the scheme?

A: No. None of the Committee have reported any conflict of interest regarding the contractors we’ve tendered & the estate rules apply to Committee Members.
Q: What is the cost of this scheme to me as a resident on this estate?

A: There are small initial costs, these cover formal signage to indicate controlled parking and to make it legal to issue a charge notice for unauthorised parking on the estate. These are covered by the Estate maintenance fee, as are the current security patrols & gate supervision. The running costs of the scheme are covered at the contractors risk from the Parking Charge Notices. No other costs are foreseen.

Q: Who is going to monitor, manage and administrate this?

A: SPERA will nominate a member of the Committee to administer the scheme and a group of members will be authorised to initiate enforcement.

Q: What happens to first time offenders?

A: A written warning notice will be issued to any resident parking on a regular basis so they have a chance to find an alternative solution to parking on the road. Once ticketed, this will be forwarded to the SPERA administrator to assess & log as an initial warning. If similar parking continues further ticketing will lead to enforcement of the charge notice.

Q: How much is the parking charge?

A: The signs make it legally enforceable & by parking without explicit authorisation you agree to a Parking Charge. The Parking Charge is £100, reduced to £60 if paid within 14 days.

Q: When would I need to pay it by?

A: You need to pay within a fortnight to get the reduced charge, 28 days for the full charge. Beyond 28 days you become liable to court action to recover the debt, in which case the costs are likely to increase to cover court fees and debt collection.

Q: Can I appeal it? If so how?

A: In the first instance, contact SPERA who will review and accept or reject the appeal based on the circumstances. See the website There is also a formal process of appeal by the contractor & ultimately appeals can be made to the Independent Parking on Private Land Appeals service. See

Q: What happens if I don't pay it?

A: Our contractor, who issues the Parking Charge Notice, will start debt collection proceedings which will ultimately lead to court action if the charge isn’t settled.

Q: Why are the committee introducing this?

A: The Committee are responding to the increasing volume of complaints received from residents about parking. Our Gateman has reported cases where he has been unable to react to unauthorised non-resident parking because he doesn’t have authority.

Q: Are the Committee allowed to do this?

A: Yes. The Roads and Verges on the estate are private land owned by LE Walwin and Partners (LEWP). Under the Memorandum of Agreement between LEWP and SPERA we act on their behalf to enforce the covenants.

Q: Does this apply to carers, cleaners & other tradesman?

A: Yes. If they are regularly parking on the roadway without permits, or outside of the permit regulations.

Q: How do I get ‘SPERA residents’ parking permits?

A: These will be delivered to each household, for additional permits contact

Q: How do I get ‘SPERA visitor’ parking permits?

A: These will be delivered to each household, for additional permits are contact

Q: How do I get ‘SPERA Tradesman’ parking permits?

A: If these are needed then please contact

Q: How do I get additional car parking permits?

A: Ask the Committee and they can provide these, contact

Q: Who governs the 3rd party parking contractors?

A: The contractor will be governed by the BPA

Q: What if I decide to park on the verge and not the road?

A: The roads & verges are privately owned by LEWP so both areas require permits.

Q: Will LEWP allow me to extend my drive for more vehicles to be parked?

A: LEWP will assist with permission for extending driveways.